WHO WILL GET A PIE IN THE FACE??? Picture This Live 11-19-19!
Here is this week's episode of Picture This. This week the losing team will get a pie in the face! Make sure to play along with us on the Tellie app every Tuesday at 4pm PT. Download the Tellie app for FREE here: tell.ie/evantube
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  • The Tube Family
    The Tube Family

    Hey guys! If you guys missed today's episode of Picture This, here it is! And make sure to download the Tellie app for FREE (tell.ie/evantube) so you can interact and play along with us next Tuesday at 4pm PT!

    • Alina Roblox and vlogs
      Alina Roblox and vlogs


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      I would play if I can but the link is deleted

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      Alondra Rios

      A I Love you guys

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      I need it thanks

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    Can I have a shoutout btw I love your channel

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    Thatbroad waygirl

    Dang it I missed it

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    Ethan Lee playz 2.0

    I will download the tellie app so we can play together SOON!!!!! AS POSSIBLE

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    New Jonnie

    Worst vid ever

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  • {alexa • 633}
    {alexa • 633}

    I havent watched your channel for years and im shook that youve gotten so big :O ^-^

  • GG

    They’re so grown up I remember watching him when he was like 6🥺😭

    • Tanya A
      Tanya A

      It is called going through puberty

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    Faatimah Gasant

    Omg, Evan's voice has gotten so deep! Lol!

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    Evan sounds so different now man things have things have changed I remember his first video with the angry birds

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    Carmen,jahmora and dari Bff4L’S

    Omg Evan has changed so much I’ve been on this channel for 3 years

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    D W

    How old are you

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    I guessed it all right! :D

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    Theresa Boda-Naganashe

    evan is growing up so fast

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    Sylvia Lac

    Evan had a glow up lol he used to be so small now he looks like a early adult lol 😂

  • TTV_thelordtito

    Evan I’ve been watching you for six years since the giant gummy worm when I was 6 I started watching you now I’m 12 and still watching you

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    Jay Lin

    moms a dime peice

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    Siti Akif

    Who win I dot no because I dont se everybody win Who wiiiiiiiiiiiiin

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    Just Hello

    When u diddnt post any video im like...... oh noo... then when im watching other videos i remember tube familyyy!!!!! I hope to watch u again

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    xxKiwi xx

    I haven't watched y'all in 3 years and I just came on here and I was shook of how big y'all got :O

    • Sandy Chen
      Sandy Chen

      they both got bigger and evan voice is now deeper

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      Tahira Francis

      Kiwi the Equestrian right?!

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      {alexa • 633}

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    D Page

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    Jackie Woolnough

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    Haven’t watched this channel in 4 years What happened to Evan!

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      c perry

      Elizabeth Caudill HIS VOICE

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    Red X 99 on fortnite

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    Matthew Maciel

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  • Cute pusheen M
    Cute pusheen M

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    Breccan Decker

    Evan, I will except every video you make, from Lincoln


    Can I get a shout out pls???

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    Ken Sin

    you guys like having fun with Tellie app and i like your videos


    My gosh Evan's voice is so different now

    • just a person passing by
      just a person passing by

      i know right!?

    • Tahira Francis
      Tahira Francis

      Nicc the Filipino 2 Ikr. Puberty hit him real hard.

    • Tanya A
      Tanya A

      Nicc the Filipino 2 puberty duh

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    Who else is a true fan of The Tube Family? 👇 btw I'll śub to whoever śubś to me 👇 and likės the commėnt! Promise ❤

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    Berna Dette

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  • Kenkanakianime and Undertale Sans boy
    Kenkanakianime and Undertale Sans boy

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    Landon Yang

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    E&C Land

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    Elizbeth Guerrero

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    Elizbeth Guerrero

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    Dark Hawk

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    Terri Willman-Zeal

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    Terri Willman-Zeal

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    Terri Willman-Zeal

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    Gage Ditch

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    Robert Ciotti

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  • Kenkanakianime and Undertale Sans boy
    Kenkanakianime and Undertale Sans boy

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    Christina A

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  • Mimi lovely Jamilah
    Mimi lovely Jamilah

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    Mimi lovely Jamilah

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    Mimi lovely Jamilah

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    Mimi lovely Jamilah

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  • Julia Gibbons
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    Emily Does roblox and gacha

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      Marlene Ku

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  • Journey tochrist
    Journey tochrist

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  • Journey tochrist
    Journey tochrist

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  • Journey tochrist
    Journey tochrist

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  • Journey tochrist
    Journey tochrist

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  • Journey tochrist
    Journey tochrist

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  • Silas Marquez
    Silas Marquez

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    • Silas Marquez
      Silas Marquez


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    aruna Ganesana

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    Ali A

    Hey, how old is Evan and Jillian in this video?

    • xyvua

      Jillian is 11 and Evan is almost 14