WORKOUT WITH EVAN!!! Top Tips for Beginner Weightlifters!
Evan goes to the gym for the first time to workout and lift some weights with DT. We show you our Back and Biceps routine along with some top tips for beginning lifters!


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  • The Tube Family
    The Tube Family

    Click here to see our SHOULDERS, CHEST & TRICEPS Workout!

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      Legen 4


    • Romulo Jr. Ballesteros
      Romulo Jr. Ballesteros

      Evan is not the same person


      Wow I love this channel where are all the replies?

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      Brando Helferich

      Wow not many replys i guess alot of your fans dont like working out i find it fun

  • Pythonblox

    10 years into future ... EvantubeFitness

  • Miko Duterte
    Miko Duterte

    This kid was my childhood

  • Rishi Flying
    Rishi Flying

    That’s a lot a tips I’m 15 and thx I think ima gonna start my exercises soon

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    Hype sniper

    Evans dad looks more buff than I thought

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    SoMeister Vlogs

    Nice Vlog keep up the great work

  • Wu

    Omg this is a grown man lol 😂 👉👈

  • Jamari Wright
    Jamari Wright

    I think that EVAN should practice lifting weight because he needs to be stronger than daddy tube

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  • Elvis Kem
    Elvis Kem

    Evan's dad got the muscle 💪

  • Snow

    2015 Evan: *Toy reviews* 2020 Evan: *a workout*

  • Miko Duterte
    Miko Duterte

    This kid will become a swoll beast by the end and of quarantine

  • Br0x

    Remember when this kid was hunting for “Mr. Gold” and traveling to LEGO Land? Man they grew up fast, just like all of us.

  • Ilovenicolebunches

    4:40 Evan has a belly...

  • Ilovenicolebunches

    imagine seeing them at the gym😍

  • hannah banana
    hannah banana

    me watching this while sitting on my bed after waking up at 12pm and eating doritos: wow

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    Ghayda Basfar

    Oh my god I have a big oof in the world Evan look so handsome in the thipnel Did I say it wrong thipnel?

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    Jose roberto

    I am a big fan

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    Diego Torres

    2:37 why does the girl behind Evan look like Charlie D’Amelio

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    Caleb Taba

    The dad is so buff

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    VonWolf Gaming & Movies

    Dude I never new his dad was ripped

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    Whose here because they are bored... Corona Time

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    Sam Wang

    Everyone who disliked this did it by accident

  • Benji

    I would go to the gym but I am to young but i try to do a home workout

  • Viet Girls Game
    Viet Girls Game

    I use to watch this family since like idk forever or the real ogs know when it was called EvanTubeRaw and I use to have a crush on Evan and uhhhh I think I still do...:)

  • QuiltedCamera10

    Who remembers the angry birds even

    • youtube is dud
      youtube is dud

      I do lol

  • Omar Guardado
    Omar Guardado

    The ending is depressing. “He’ll be back”. 2020: we’ll see about that

  • Yoongkitty _ 123
    Yoongkitty _ 123

    His dad was strong 💪🏻 i bet Evan can be as though as DT

  • Kawhi James
    Kawhi James

    I used to watch his lego videos

  • Inaya EHM
    Inaya EHM

    You guys should do last to drink water wins and the rules are they have to eat spicy chips and can't drink water!!Plz choose this challenge

  • Aditya Clone4
    Aditya Clone4

    He is 14 turning 15 in December


    Dang daddy tube ripped

  • Phoebe Chan
    Phoebe Chan

    So handsome 🥺 I forgot the channel name now I remember it then searched it


    what do you do to lift at home because of the quarantine?

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    Crystal Hinson

    Evantube Membership IRbin video

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    Ellie Morris

    This can’t be the same guy I used to watch everyday when I was 7 4 years ago

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  • Mitch The Hedgehog
    Mitch The Hedgehog

    I weigh 160 pounds

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    YT_ Ice Bear

    I watched your vids when I was 4 and now am 16

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    Rayplayz 12

    Who dis I think he got hacked

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    Xd Noob

    Man i miss the angry birds

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    gamer clyde

    evans dad is buff boi haha

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    Manny Lumbres

    Nice work Evan

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    Anime bami

    i haven’t watched this channel in 6 years and DAMNNN evan grew so much 😕

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    Oliver Likes Hunting

    i watched your old angry bird videos your so old

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    Kenneth Lawrence

    Damn muscles 🤩🤩🤩

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    How tall is this guy now?

  • Erikku

    Uh question, wheres evan?

  • terence situ
    terence situ

    He grew so much haven’t watched in a long time

  • Danbo Pelcbo
    Danbo Pelcbo

    Evan I am a fan you are awesome can you make more of these videos and i have n een watching your videos since like I was four and iam currently 13 and i will e 14 this year and i have been working out since I was like 11Trevor jp

  • Roberta Henry
    Roberta Henry

    good job but how

  • MrT8Bit

    bro why is Evan so old wth

  • Vyknee

    Dts shoudlers :O

  • Malachi Yut Suen Wong
    Malachi Yut Suen Wong

    I have watched you before 3 years ago when you had ur hk vid and i live here right now. i think even is in puberty right now bc his voice is lower then before

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    Shark o Shak

    Wow your comments aren’t turned off this time

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    Jesper kun


    • Miko Duterte
      Miko Duterte

      @Romulo Jr. Ballesteros Peter Pan says otherwise

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      Elvis Kem


    • Sarah James
      Sarah James

      PP !!! The fact this is true is scaring me lol

    • Romulo Jr. Ballesteros
      Romulo Jr. Ballesteros

      Not the same person time goes bye you have to grow up

  • randome with klai
    randome with klai

    He is soo tall 😲😲😲

  • randome with klai
    randome with klai

    OOh EVEN'S 14

  • d boss
    d boss

    I work out too

  • Therese Delos reyes
    Therese Delos reyes

    i cant believe hes 14 and at gym while im 14 sitting at home doing nothing

  • Tyrone Carter
    Tyrone Carter

    Even I haven't watch you are jillian in like 3 to 2 years you guys got older wooow

  • CER L
    CER L

    There’s no way this is the kid I watched 2 years ago-

  • Pornesian Parapio
    Pornesian Parapio

    umm dude? when tf did he grow up? wth

  • Raif Nazriel
    Raif Nazriel

    He’s heavier than my 45 year old dad

  • Totalthree

    This reminds me of the time I started working out. Its been 3 years now and I gained 20 kilos of muscle mass. I love working out cause it keeps my mind free and lets me forget my daily problems for a while. Im already excited to see the progress Evan is going to make.

  • [DS] YeeTasTic oLD SkOoL
    [DS] YeeTasTic oLD SkOoL

    your older than me

  • Tactician

    evans dad is big man

  • Bk ftbl
    Bk ftbl

    I stopped watching him when I was 10 bc duh growing up haha u don't watch toys anymore .. THEN it's 2020 Coronavirus quarantine we bored and something reminded me about what I used to watch when I was a kid and I looked up on evantube hd bc I remember I used to envy him for all his angry birds (tho I'm a girl haha) and I saw him I was like WHAAAAAAAAAT he can't be the same person i used to watch but he is haha we're the same age btw please notice this I stalked all your social medias hahah

  • Ballistic_missle 828
    Ballistic_missle 828

    As someone who's been working out since the age of 9 it's really cool seeing one of my child hood heroes start working out because I also do it so das cool :3

    • Delaware Smash
      Delaware Smash

      Oh wait lol I read it wrong since you were nine well it’s too late now sorry

    • Delaware Smash
      Delaware Smash

      Ballistic_missle 828 my guy I think you may be an little too young to weight lift I’ve heard that it can hurt you if you’re too young not meant to be nosy or anything just giving an piece of knowledge

  • Chris Cruz
    Chris Cruz

    Dang I’m 14 190lbs , but I play football so

  • Nicholas Xiong
    Nicholas Xiong

    Nice work, keep that same energy. 😀😀😀

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    dyanda syifa

    Imagine evan at 19

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    evan looks so much older

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    Owen Munir

    Know one the lady behind his dad when he was using the cable

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    angel Salvador

    Damn I came back after 3 years and now he's sooo old ;-;

  • Alberto Vlogz
    Alberto Vlogz

    Come fight me. This guy winning never look at him hahahahahah

  • Alberto Vlogz
    Alberto Vlogz

    Come fight me. This guy winning never look at him hahahahahah

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    Jaylin Davis


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    Max Cous

    Marvelous 😀

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    Bru Dt is huge my god


    He look like old

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    Sounds With Voice

    i haven't seen this kid in 2 years...he's grown up so fast. his voice tho DANG

  • maleki

    DT makes me feel tiny, dang.

  • Tarun Ryu bans
    Tarun Ryu bans

    Hey I’m Tarun I weigh 130.7 near eveans weight I’m 14 a fan of Evan tube and the tube family you guys really show how to live your life in a good and healthy weigh I messaged Evan tube before you left a heart comment I felt very happy then I’m happy to see all the vids 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

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    Fox GamerYT

    havent watch this dude for a dozen dayzzszszz

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    Jade Go

    I remember watching them years ago.... He still looks like Jimmy Kimmel

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    Mason Ruacho

    All those tips I can agree with 100%

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    Parker Jolly

    Evans doing chin ups not pull ups

  • Honey Bunch
    Honey Bunch

    The tips really helped me a lot, thank you!!

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    Lil’ Meow Meow

    the lady in the back at 3:10 XD

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    U should try road cycling 😅 Itss sooOo good ^=^

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    omg he grew

  • SoloAlex2005

    I'm no proffesional but just make sure you ain't making him lift too much, I heard if you build alot of muscle at a young age it sort of stunts ur growth and you end up being short, cause at school im telling you im 14 and people in my class are more muscular then me but short asf and I'm only 5'10.

  • jordon blackwood
    jordon blackwood

    And this is easy to me

  • jordon blackwood
    jordon blackwood

    Ok so i have been watching ur videos since we were both six i started lifting at 12 now you start also????

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    David Supnet

    dang look at him right now he changed so much

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    Mellad 67

    Damn I just saw this in my recommendation; it brought back so much memories from when he used to unbox legos. And now he’s lifting😤

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    I just play video games all day long AND I am stronger then his dad

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    pie man171

    This I the same kid who did clay angry bird reviews when I was around his age.. :) time rlly flys

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      Blu3-Brawl IK