ZIP LINING OVER A WATERFALL IN ALASKA!!! Grizzly Falls Zip Line Skagway Alaska - Cruise Week Day 3
DAY 1 - Norwegian Bliss:
DAY 2 - Dog Sledding in Juneau:
DAY 3 - Zip Line in Skagway:
DAY 4 - Water Slides in Glacier Bay:
DAY 5 - Bear in Ketchikan:
Another fun day aboard the Norwegian Bliss. Today we are in Skagway, AK and signed up to do the Grizzly Falls Zip Line Adventure Excursion. We had a blast zipping through the forest and over a waterfall! Our guides taught us some cool tricks like going upside down, front flip, no hands, trust fall, fireball, and the helicopter. Who was brave enough to try all these? At the end of the day, we prank Evan since the sun was still out at 10pm at night.

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  • Shadow Lish
    Shadow Lish

    I really like evrytime if theye are ziplining them holding the gopro i am scared it will fall

  • Shadow Lish
    Shadow Lish

    Me everytime see a mountin with snow on it i say is that Mount Everest 👁👄👁

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    Futbolnator Skills

    I have a question who is watching in 2020➡️➡️➡️

  • Definitely Shiny
    Definitely Shiny

    I'm rewatching every single video lol because evan and jill have grown so much I cri ;-;

  • Archie THOMPSON
    Archie THOMPSON

    That was a good prank when I go to a hotel I’m gonna wake up my family and pretend that it’s the morning

  • anna lim
    anna lim

    Went to the same place but I did dog sleeding

  • Art With Cody Chavez
    Art With Cody Chavez

    10:46 Haha🤣🤣

  • 999 forever
    999 forever

    2:20 this is craycray 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lavenderwafflez

    Who else is watching this in 2020

  • meredith smith
    meredith smith

    Evan thought it was the morning

  • Jac animations productions
    Jac animations productions


  • awesme mrman
    awesme mrman

    that zipline sound sounds like a stuka check 4:32

  • awesme mrman
    awesme mrman

    so the reason why its still light out is cuz alaska is in the artic circle and when the earth is tilted towards the sun the sun is always up

  • Jingle Bell
    Jingle Bell

    Evan's reaction when he got prank was hilarious Is iT tHe moRnInG oR nIghT? 😂 He's so chill 😂

  • Angel Pinto
    Angel Pinto

    It because in August in Alaska it gets dark at 1:00 am

  • ApplesRYum

    I thought jillian was scared of heights?

  • Dylan Dane Atondocan
    Dylan Dane Atondocan

    wow you are in iceland

  • Mary Pig
    Mary Pig

    Who else thought Jill was not scared zip lining lol

  • Isabella Boncanovski
    Isabella Boncanovski

    I am a huge fan but as they say "days" they mean weeks

  • Infinite Is CAsua!
    Infinite Is CAsua!

    I’ve been here since the first video the angry bird’s animation

  • Mariannamals

    In Alaska the sun stays forever especially in the night. 😂


    Me gummy juis

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    AC Gacha


  • Ginger Bread
    Ginger Bread

    Where did you get that rock music? Sooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!! I have to use that for my show!

  • inounderstand

    looks fun!! next time bring me :D

  • Randy Vu
    Randy Vu

    12:23 XD Evan dance 💃

  • Randy Vu
    Randy Vu

    11:56 XD - 12:45

  • Alexa Shallcross
    Alexa Shallcross

    The beginning kills me

  • cicarter01

    OMG! I’m so glad my 10 yr convinced me to book this excursion for us while we will be in Alaska this summer with Disney Cruise line! I can’t wait! Y’all look like y’all had a blast. Loved those tricks

  • Gabriel Peterhagen
    Gabriel Peterhagen


  • Ren Dition
    Ren Dition

    Cool 👍👍👍

  • Virtual_Image.exe

    It’s the same footage from the start when they pranked even

  • Angel Pinto
    Angel Pinto

    Hi evan

  • Wolf

    It looks so fun but scary!

  • AleYu Studios
    AleYu Studios

    Even has a funny dace 😂😂😂

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  • RumplyGrain 75
    RumplyGrain 75

    Las Vegas love that

  • I boop Sneks
    I boop Sneks

    1:10 the dad: this is the view of the ship from the water...... about to get run over...

    • I boop Sneks
      I boop Sneks

      I was close I guess ;-;

  • Selina Payandej
    Selina Payandej

    Do jillian have tik tok

  • The trick bros
    The trick bros

    just yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  • Marianna Jimenez
    Marianna Jimenez


  • Gerry's Adventures
    Gerry's Adventures

    I went ziplining, but it wasn’t in Aleaska, it was in Big Bear. And also, there was a big jump at the end

  • Galaxy Playz
    Galaxy Playz

    Why is there only 443 comments

  • RQ _808
    RQ _808

    Lol even I was confused when it was so late but very light and I just realized that days are way longer in Alaska


    I haven’t watched in a while Evan’s voice though last time I heard it was like young Evan

  • ell thean
    ell thean

    Who is grizzly

  • Yoongi_kun

    UuUuUuUuuuUuuUuuh Why is there hobbykidstv video in the tube family video????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Sam SFX2
    Sam SFX2

    I watch it first until here

  • Jelena Stankovic
    Jelena Stankovic

    I was here since I was six! I'm now 11 and going to six grade!

  • Main bro
    Main bro

    I,ve been here since I were four I love your vids remember when Evan was a squeaker so adorable

  • •Peachybee•

    Omlllll Evan’s voice changed sooooo much and he has braces omlllllllll

  • Kratz :D
    Kratz :D

    In the start of the video Evan looks like he has a hangover or something 😂

  • The Big Jock
    The Big Jock

    Erm Evan OMFG uh

  • Dean Is SAGS
    Dean Is SAGS

    I went on NCL Norwegian Dawn! New York, Orlando, Great Stirrup Cay Beach, BAHAMAS nassau, new york. They also say Washy washy happy happy on my cruise

  • Ethan CG5 Win
    Ethan CG5 Win

    Great supplying I want to folly you get some good skills still in the Lego Lego good job man

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  • AJ Sloup
    AJ Sloup

    The tube family good time on cruise from AJ

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    The butifull

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    We started In :2019 Who will still Like it in :2020 Or :2021 Like this button before it will turn to old like: 2008 Like now! 👇🏻

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    Why are you shaking your butt Evan?

  • Emma Barbelet
    Emma Barbelet

    I went to Alaska the same time I was on radiance of the seas you can see the ship I was on when you zoomed in to show us what mountain you were zip lining on

  • Tempestz

    Bruh I lived in anchorage ak too far away from him

  • Carlos Sibal
    Carlos Sibal

    Omg Evan grew so much!

  • Raphael Kelsey
    Raphael Kelsey

    Evan hit puberty i cant believe it

  • Ineptdig

    I went there in my cruise

  • Johnny Hardin
    Johnny Hardin

    I've done that before! I was is the carnival legend Cruise ship!!

  • Amelie C.
    Amelie C.

    i was on the grand princess and i saw you guys!!

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    Fierce Raider

    I mean Curis

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    Fierce Raider

    I mean cutie

  • Fierce Raider
    Fierce Raider

    Watch at Chris ship week

  • Fierce Raider
    Fierce Raider

    Am going today Alaska Curia sulky way BC Canada watch this video at7:47

  • raVen

    imagine vean on the zipline and the backround music as; im a wiggly worm

  • Minjii

    You guys are lucky ;-; I have school already OOF

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  • emmasophiazach

    I went zip lining over woods and people. It was so scary 😂

  • Mana Fisilau
    Mana Fisilau

    your my fav youtubers

  • Simply Sundae
    Simply Sundae

    I have been on msc Seaside and carnival Dream

  • Simply Sundae
    Simply Sundae

    I love you guys so much ❤️

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  • Zorgo


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    Andrea Lee

    I went there and I was underweight on the rid

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    wild is fun

    put me on a shoutout please i really like your videos

  • cindy wiehl
    cindy wiehl

    Im from Alaska u should come to Fairbanks

  • Tabiyah I C
    Tabiyah I C

    if I ever went zipline I would scream like crazy

  • CookieSwirlC :D
    CookieSwirlC :D

    👋 hi even

  • ツChris

    If y’all wanna do more extreme zip lines go to Xplor in Mexico. It was super fun!

    • Isabelle Truchin
      Isabelle Truchin

      Yeah I went there

  • Candace Cherry
    Candace Cherry

    Alwas look like your having fun

  • hugo villanueva
    hugo villanueva

    Mom and Jillian are more adventurous then Evan 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Ariel Gut
    Ariel Gut

    I would want to try trust fall

  • Ariel Gut
    Ariel Gut

    I love zip lining we went in Cancun it was really fun and I would love to go dogsledding some day those dogs were adorable

    • Isabelle Truchin
      Isabelle Truchin

      The place is called Xplore and I went there

  • Bear

    You guys are crazy That’s why I like your channel

  • alisha brotherton
    alisha brotherton

    looks so fun I wish I could go

  • Hops n Drops
    Hops n Drops

    I was on the cruise ship right behind you guys when you went to Alaska

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  • Matthew DeCarli
    Matthew DeCarli

    Who else remembers finding Mr. gold

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      Kat C

      I do those were the days

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      yannah cabantug

      Meee lol

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      Teresa Neighbors

      Matthew DeCarli me!

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      Good old time

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    Richard Roloff

    I was just in Alaska

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    not fun fact ... Alaska is on fire now 😢

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    latifa bindemaithan

    Nice vid

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    Lil’ Mush and family

    This looks like so much fun 😎